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The Purchasing Division is responsible for procuring materials, supplies, equipment and services in support of District activities. Purchasing follows the administrative policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors of Lower Valley Water District. For your information and assistance please read the guidelines summarized below. For the district best interest we conduct business in a fair, equitable, and ethical manner.

Authorized Purchases:

A purchase order issued by the Purchasing Division is the authorization for a vendor to accept an order and deliver the requested goods and/or services, providing sales to the District. They ensure orders are issued and approved before proceeding to meet the requested needs. Responding to such requests without an authorized purchase order is done at the vendor's own risk.

Disposition of Surplus Property:

The disposition of surplus supplies, materials, and equipment which are deemed in excess to District needs or have become unsuitable for use is the responsibility of the Purchasing and Contracts Department. In accordance with LVWD policy, surplus property may be disposed of utilizing the following methods: exchange or trade for new goods, disposition at auction or by competitive procedures, negotiation, or eliminated as scrap.


Purchases or contracts for materials, supplies, equipment and services will be based, whenever possible and practical, on competitive solicitation within approved guidelines.

Gifts and Gratuities:

Gifts and/or other symbols of appreciation may compromise the integrity of professional relationships and violates District policy. Suppliers are encouraged to cooperate by not making such offers to employees.

Insurance and Safety Requirements:

The District's Risk Management Division is responsible for determining the minimum safety and insurance requirements for work performed by outside forces. The determination is based on job specific risk factors and potential liability exposure. Contractors having one or more employees are required to submit an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (Refer to OSHA, Title 8, sub 7, 3203) to LVWD addressing safety issues for all aspects of their work.


Invoices will be processed by LVWD for payment after proof of delivery and in accordance with the terms set forth in the purchase order.

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