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The Lower Valley Water District (LVWD), created as a municipal utility district in 1986, is located in the southeastern portion of El Paso County, Texas in the United States of America. The LVWD currently offers water, wastewater and solid waste services to the residents of its service area. The LVWD is constantly applying for funding from local, state, and federal agencies in an effort to construct an adequate water and wastewater systems for the 210 square miles within the District’s boundaries, which lie east of the El Paso City limits.

The City of Socorro and the community of San Elizario, the Town of Clint and El Paso County Sparks Addition, Sand Hills and El Paso County Colonias are located within the LVWD’s boundaries. The Board of Directors of the Lower Valley Water District consists of five members who are elected by the District’s taxpaying residents every four years with staggered terms. The Board along with the management and staff of the LVWD work diligently to achieve the goal of providing water, wastewater and solid waste services to the residents of the Lower Valley Water District Service Area.

Board Members

LVWD Board Members


Pledge the most complete attention to safe, efficient, and cost-effective potable water, sewer infrastructure and solid waste services for our customer base. Maximize efficiency best suited for our customers to their satisfaction.

Continuously manage the master plan and schedule projects by prioritizing water service to all our customers, coordinate all projects with consideration to infrastructure stability, and ensure environmental issues are addressed to protect future generations of customers.

Optimally manage assets for best value to the Capital Improvement Plan and use automation to maximize efficient, cost effective, and safe service to customers. Ensure that the District while attending to customer needs, maintains stakeholders and customers well-informed, and that they understand and are supportive of District plans. Ensure financial viability by advising stakeholders as required, developing and employing business technology, and providing recurring reports on the financial stability of the District.

Exploit best practices and employ operational resiliency to maximize use of District resources. Continuously manage Capital Improvement and Strategic Plans and schedule projects as budgeted to maximize the value of capital improvements.
Ensure that District employees are best suited for their positions while also providing a career path for all qualified personnel to the highest levels of management.


The Lower Valley Water District will continuously provide potable water, sewer, septic system, and sanitation services while striving for the highest quality of product and service to all our customer base; attend to the precept that safe drinking water is a vital, protected, and conserved resource for a higher quality of life; and acknowledge our employees vital role by providing a safe working environment, stable career paths, training, and technological innovation for all as motivation for excellence.